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Position: Creative Director/Producer
Location: Carlitos Comedy Club, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Type: Full-time

Job Overview:

Carlitos Comedy Club is on the hunt for a Creative Director/Producer who not only crafts killer comedy lineups but also shakes up stellar cocktails and tweets faster than they talk. If you're a stand-up comedian at heart who can lead a team, manage a bar, and meme with the best, we want you to turn our club into the laugh capital of Luxembourg!



  • Comedy Programming: Dream up, develop, and deliver a rib-tickling lineup of comedy shows. Scout and spotlight both seasoned and emerging comedic talents.

  • Bar Management: Oversee the club’s bar operations including inventory, supplier relationships, and menu design. Ensure each guest has a drink in hand and a smile on their face.

  • Social Media Marketing: Drive the club's online presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Create engaging content that captures our unique humor and promotes upcoming events.

  • Event Production: Manage all aspects of event execution, from lighting and sound to seating and scheduling. Ensure every show runs as smoothly as a well-mixed cocktail.

  • Talent Development: Mentor and manage comedy talents, providing feedback and guidance to help refine their acts. Keep the club’s atmosphere lively and welcoming for both performers and patrons.

  • Feedback and Analytics: Utilize audience feedback and social media analytics to gauge the success of shows and campaigns, making data-driven decisions to enhance future performances.


  • Proven experience in comedy show production, bar management, and social media marketing. Being a stand-up comedian yourself is a big plus!

  • Strong organizational skills, capable of managing multiple areas of operations with a sense of humor and poise.

  • Leadership skills with a flair for nurturing both talent and team morale. Must thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

  • Excellent communication skills in English; other languages are a plus. Ability to craft copy that is as compelling as your comedy.

  • Creative thinker with a finger on the pulse of current comedy trends and social media movements.


  • A role that blends creativity with management, perfect for those who love being at the center of the action.

  • Front-row access to the hottest comedy acts and a chance to shape the comedic voice of Luxembourg.

  • Competitive salary and benefits, plus a nightly chance to test your own jokes on the toughest crowd: your coworkers.

How to Apply:

Ready to lead laughter, libations, and likes? Send us your resume, a cover letter that showcases your humor, your personal best cocktail recipe (just for fun), and a brief clip of your stand-up routine (if you have one). Let’s see if you can make us laugh as much as our audience!

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