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GAURI B - Love Money Shame Tour - English Stand-up Comedy
GAURI B - Love Money Shame Tour - English Stand-up Comedy

sam. 23 mars



GAURI B - Love Money Shame Tour - English Stand-up Comedy

🇺🇸 ENGLISH 🇺🇸 After selling out shows in London, New York and Berlin, Gauri B is touring Europe & bringing her dark stand-up comedy show to Luxembourg.

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Time & Location

23 mars 2024, 20:00 – 22:00

Luxembourg, 65 Rue du Fort Neipperg, 2230 Gare Luxembourg

About the event

You probably know her from her viral videos on social media. Gauri B is an up and coming standup comedian who has taken the internet by storm. With over 50 million views and 200,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, Gauri B's magnetic presence and relatable humour have captured the hearts of audiences around the globe. She performs to sold-out shows in Berlin, London and New York.

About this show

Come take a walk on the dark side. Get ready to embark on a hilarious and unapologetic journey with Gauri B on her very relatable relationship with love, money and shame. We're here to celebrate the twisted, the non-conformists, and those who find humor in life's darkest corners. This show is a statement of defiance, rebellion and the spirit of "zero f###s to give.

Advice Special: Write down your dating problems, relationship problems, hoe problems and get advice from Gauri B

About Gauri B

For those of you who already don't know her from her social media, here is an introduction: 'Gauri B is an unapologetic and provocative comedian breaking stereotypes and commenting on cultural scenarios and challenging societal norms using edgy punchlines while not being afraid to talk about personal experiences. She fearlessly tackles "taboo" topics and pushes boundaries. Her material dives deep into the experiences of marginalized bodies. Her material is a bold and satirical commentary on political scenarios, infused with hilarious personal anecdotes. With a devilish sense of humor, Gauri fearlessly takes on societal norms and challenges the status quo, delivering her material with an unmatched charisma and sharp wit. She has the remarkable ability to tackle morbid subjects and infuse them with strong punchlines.' - CHAT GPT

This sounds a bit over the top so come see for yourself if CHAT GPT got it right or wrong?

The show is a statement of defiance, rebellion and the spirit of "zero f###s to give"

She has succeeded in hosting one of the most popular comedy nights in Berlin, showcasing a diverse lineup of comedians. A middle finger to society, the night is aptly titled Hoes of Berlin. A safe space for us all.

The show will be in English.

Doors open: 7:30pm

Show starts: 8:00pm sharp.

Check out Gauri B on Social Media!

Instagram: itsgaurib

Tiktok: gauri_b

Get your tickets before we sell out! (We definitely will!).

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